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NG Central

Ngaruki Gulgul, otherwise known as NG Central, offers a dynamic, enterprise learning environment for young people who need a new perspective on what it means to have skills and knowledge.

Registered and accredited as a special assistance school with the NSW Board of Studies we offer Years 9-12 along with a Vocational Certificate I qualification.

Central to the philosophy of NG Central is the belief that practical work combined with vocational instruction, and a view to genuine production and sales, will enhance participants' motivation to learn and become positive and fully integrated citizens of our community. Participants will develop their learning, personal, social and professional skills with their barriers to engagement treated in a holistic manner.

We all win when a child succeeds in school, however, students from disadvantaged backgrounds often face challenges that hinder them from flourishing in a learning environment. NG Central school is seeking sponsorship for our valuable scholarship programs. Your support will make a real difference to a young person's education and future opportunities.


Contact Andrea via ph 4346 1111 or email

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